Music generation

MusicGen: Simple and Controllable Music Generation

Introducing MusicGen: Empowering Conditional Music Generation At Audiocraft, we have taken on the challenge of conditional music generation with our groundbreaking model, MusicGen. Unlike previous approaches, MusicGen is a single Language Model (LM) that operates seamlessly across multiple streams of compressed discrete music representation, represented as tokens. By leveraging an innovative single-stage transformer LM and efficient token interleaving patterns, we have eliminated the need for cascading multiple models, such as hierarchical or upsampling techniques. Through MusicGen, we showcase the ability to generate high-quality music samples, both mono and stereo, while leveraging textual descriptions or melodic features for enhanced control over the output. This approach revolutionizes the field of music generation, offering unprecedented flexibility and creative possibilities.

Text-to-music generation

MusicGen is an audio generation model specifically tailored for music generation. Music tracks are more complex than environmental sounds, and generating coherent samples on the long-term structure is especially important when creating novel musical pieces. Our modeling approach naturally extends to stereophonic music generation.

A grand orchestral arrangement with thunderous percussion, epic brass fanfares, and soaring strings, creating a cinematic atmosphere fit for a heroic battle.

Classic reggae track with an electronic guitar solo

drum and bass beat with intense percussions

A dynamic blend of hip-hop and orchestral elements, with sweeping strings and brass, evoking the vibrant energy of the city.

Violins and synths that inspire awe at the finiteness of life and the universe.

80s electronic track with melodic synthesizers, catchy beat and groovy bass

Smooth jazz, with a saxophone solo, piano chords, and snare full drums

Rock with saturated guitars, a heavy bass line and crazy drum break and fills.

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